Rest in peace Brother 85 - 01 - 08 - 12 - 05 - 01 †

WUUDS remixes II with nebulous vocals that loop with metallic reverb, both sonically faraway and underwater.

WUUDS is the work of Sweden-born artist, Fred Rosengren, a songwriter and beat-maker who creates in the solitude of a remote town in Norway.

Influenced by 90’s R&B, Justin Vernon and the 80’s music he grew up with, WUUDS experiments with futuristic beats, samples and pitched vocals all with an otherworldly and timeless feel.

I would love to have some vocals on this, so if anyone is interested to lay something down, let me know.

I’m currently working on a different project, but I figured since I had this just sitting in my music-folder, I came to the conclusion that why not just release it. Well enjoy and keep your eyes open for new stuff. love

My dear friend Guerman has done an amazing job remixing my song “All The Way”.