Rest in peace Brother 85 - 01 - 08 - 12 - 05 - 01 †

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sometimes I just go outta my mind
follow the patterns down the fine line
im losin u so I gotta buy time
to find the last pieces but my eyes blind

the hardest part of the heart is
the darkness that it holds I’m modest

dont mind me
just sittin in a tree

d y i n g

WUUDS remixes II with nebulous vocals that loop with metallic reverb, both sonically faraway and underwater.

WUUDS is the work of Sweden-born artist, Fred Rosengren, a songwriter and beat-maker who creates in the solitude of a remote town in Norway.

Influenced by 90’s R&B, Justin Vernon and the 80’s music he grew up with, WUUDS experiments with futuristic beats, samples and pitched vocals all with an otherworldly and timeless feel.